Pull the Trigger is a show exploring Indian corner shops, queerness, work, family and migration. Through performance art, the rituals of daily shop-keeping and interrupting customers, the show unravels an unsettling journey of what it means to be queer/Indian, a shop-keeper/artist.
It's makeshift in its form, constructed of the objects that exist in his family shop, performed within performance art, theatre and cabaret. Pull the Trigger delves deep into battling cultural expectations of work, versus emerging ones own identity

Produced by: Tilly Bungard


Creative direction/dramaturgy:

Annie Siddons

Rachel Gammon + Suzanna Hurst (of Figs in Wigs), Rachael Young

Pheobe Patey-Ferguson

Sound Design: Nicol Parkinson
Lighting Design: Jo Palmer

Showcased at: SPILL National Platform 2016 + Camden People's Theatre Sprint festival 2017. It went on to tour in Autumn 2018 at Norwich Arts Centre, Colchester Arts Centre and Camden People's Theatre. The show will go on one final UK tour in Spring 2020, focusing on the North and a London run. 


Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

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