Making the case to better support Neurodivergent freelancers

As part of my work on the Freelance Task Force with artist Rachael Young (She/her), we have conducted research and advocacy about bettering neurodiverse artists’ working conditions and access needs in the arts sector.

We have created this document (link above) as a best practice guide, which has had ideas fed in by the freelancers in the arts industry. The aim is to lobby for radical changes when thinking about accessibility for neurodivergence and how we might put new structures in place to better support the neurodivergent community. This is to acknowledge that support for neurodivergence arguably falls through the cracks when thinking about accessibility in buildings and within organisations.

We are urging organisations to read and sign to acknowledge the suggestions made in our document. To sign, you can do this directly via the 'click here to sign' link at the bottom of the document, this will take you to a google form. Please do not request access to edit the document as it cannot be signed this way.

There really is an urgency to support this group of freelancers in our community, and we hope you can support us by taking this into conversations within your organisations.

Sending care and solidarity,


Vijay Patel + Rachael Young

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